Some of the larger scale and more accessible public projects where we were involved in fabricating specialised lighting that we have recently completed include:
  • The Woods Restaurant Four seasons Hotel Sydney
  • Grain Bar Four seasons Hotel Sydney
  • Cyren Restaurant Darling Harbour
  • Nespresso Pitt Street Mall Sydney
  • Nestle head office Sydney
  • Sydney Town Hall entertainment level
  • Blood Bank Melbourne
  • James Squire Hotel Brisbane
  • LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN at The Rocks Sydney
  • Mondial Newman Jewellers Queen Victoria Building Sydney

Custom Case study

The Woods Restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

A typical case study on the scope and varying nature of what we can produce at Opal Lighting is the Four seasons Hotel in Sydney, where we worked with both the Creative Designers and Lighting Designer on three different custom made fittings.

The first was a one-off inground circular feature uplight housed at the base of the butchers carving block which is one of the creative/working features of the Woods restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The “Doughnut” as we all came to refer to it involved machining a two piece sheet of frosted Acrylic, working in a groove to house high intensity linear LED strip lights that were concealed within the outer edge of the Doughnut and evenly illuminated the whole circular form.

Care was taken to maximise light through the use of reflective tapes that scattered the light inside the circle to add to the overall uniformity of light that washes from the floor up on to the base and underside of the butchers block.

The second custom feature was produced in larger quantities and was effectively the general restaurant lighting. We were asked to fabricate a surface mounted square downlight with a black exterior and anodised gold interior, in two variations; with a directional gimbal mechanism to direct light where wall washing was required, and a fixed square front version for general lighting.

A forty Five degree cut out was used on the wall washer to alleviate any stray spill of light back into the Restaurant.

The manufacturing process with these surface mounted downlights included a brief from the Design team followed by a workshop drawing and a prototype of both the fixed and wall wash types.

Approval based on the initial prototypes was given, with production taking a total of only five weeks from final approval.

The third fitting that was custom made for the Woods restaurant was a super slim ,long elegant pendant suspended over the bar .This was designed with a three watt directional Led mounted up inside the tubular form of the pendant that throws a small pool of light on to the bar top.

Great care was taken in the quality of finish and suspension details, as although a simple shape and design, the finer details of fabrication are what make the finished Pendant product a success.

We put the same level of energy and care into every custom made project whether large or small.